Jessops Online Website Review & Ratings + Jessops Online Coupons
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Jessops Online Website Review & Ratings + Jessops Online Coupons

Jessops Online : Products & Services is an international online company which offers a wide-ranging range of digital photography products like: digital cameras, camcorders, digital SLRs, camera lenses, camera accessories and telescopes. The company’s compilation includes products from top brands including Sony, Nikon, Canon and more which are said to be of high quality and performance. Most of these products are found in the company’s website.

Jessops Online : Company Background

The company is located in the United Kingdom and is the largest photographic retailer in the area. It has more than 200 branches around the country and each branch has mini-labs which offer one hour processing or 25 minutes express service. Jessops company was founded by Frank Jessop  who was a specialist in photographic retailing in the year 1935.The company begun expanding as time went by and it just opened its 200th store in the year 2001. The company has been operating for the last78 years which mean it’s a pretty old time company. It went online n the year 1997.In 1996, Alan Jessop, Frank's son, sold the company to ABN AMRO  which paid a sum of £116m for the company in 2002, and then floated the company on the London Stock Exchange in October 2004.

Jessops Online : Customer Feedback & Reviews

Despite the fact that the company seems to be old enough to have developed among the people, it has got many negative reviews. Many people from different sites are full of complains about the company. From, a client is complaining that she purchased a telescope only to find out that it had been opened inside and some parts were even missing.  Just in the same site, a client is complaining that he was served by a youth who never knew anything about the questions which were being asked. In general most people are complaining of the poor customer service that they have received. A customer from is discouraging people from purchasing goods from the company saying they are only after people’s money.

Jessops Online : Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

Despite being a company which is known all over the world and with many smaller branches, Jessop does not have any accreditation from the Better Business Bureau. The company might not have applied for accreditation or it might be below the BBB rate of standardization. It has won several awards like: Best m-Commerce Retailer, Innovation in Multichannel marketing and Good service gold award. Jessops has not been featured in major media outlets.

Jessops Online : Website Popularity & Google Ranking

The fact that it is an old company must have given it major popularity in the Great Britain where it is majorly located. According to, the company is ranked position 18,554 in the world. This is according to the three-month Alexa traffic rankings. Visitors to this site spend roughly 44 seconds on each page view and a total of four minutes on the site during each visit. It has been ranked position 537 in Great Britain where most of its visitors tend to originate from. There are a total of 1692 sites which link into Google page rank gave the company half of the total score. The company was given 5 out of the total ten.

Jessops Online : Social Media Presence

The company has a few social media pages. It has a Facebook page and a Google + page. Their Facebook page has a total of 21,333 likes. It is updated frequently with the company’s products and services. The page has got an appealing timeline which is a centre of interest to anyone who visits the page. Jessop’s Google+ page had 309 likes. The page is also updated frequently with the company’s products and services. All the figures were collected on the date dated 10th Jan 2012. The company has a YouTube page which has got a large number of video views. The page has got 227 subscribers and 253,068 video views. The company has got 5138 tweets in their twitter handle and 2538 followers. The page is kept up to date more often.

Jessops Online : Website Security & Safety

A successful diagnostic test shows that the company’s website is safe for accessing. The Google safe browsing diagnostic test proved that the site has not acted as an intermediary for infestation of any sites. It went ahead to confirm that the website is not suspicious and has not hosted any malicious software within the last 90 days. MacAfee site advisor also confirmed that the site did not have any malicious software and had no any problems. The company uses a safe hyper text transfer protocol in its site thus making it safe for people’s private information.

Jessops Online : Pricing & Packages

The company offers different prices for its commodities depending on the one which the client purchases. Each product has its own stated price from their website. The expensive products can value up to a price of £499 and the cheapest at a price of £13. The expensive products include Digital cameras and digital Slrs. Their cheapest products include calendars and photo books. In comparison of its prices with other companies, it has no difference with companies which are around the area but has a slight difference with other companies. Their products are somehow higher priced.

Jessops Online : Shipping Rates & Policies

The company has offers delivery to different countries in the world. The charges for delivery depend on the country or destination that the good is being shipped to. Each parcel is charged individually. It also has set aside specific days for the shipping of each good. When a customer makes an order, he/she has to wait until the specific shipping day for that product comes. Any delivery cost will include VAT at the current rate and are per order. If the carrier must be given any additional instructions, they must be agreed upon by Jessop’s.

Jessops Online : Payment Methods Accepted

Different payment methods are accepted by the company. It is the customer’s choice to select the method which he/she feels that is the best to use for the transaction. The customer selects the payment method then it will be upon the company to deduct the money from the client pay option. Some of the methods which are accepted by the company include: Visa card, master card, PayPal, maestro, American Express, Dinners club, switch and Solo cards. All the payment options are available in the company’s website.

Jessops Online : Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

Jessop’s offers return policies to their clients. All items to be returned must be returned before fourteen days after receiving the goods are done. The policies are very well stated in their webpage. Some of them include: Each good to be returned with all its accessories, packaging, instructions and any other items included with it at time of sale, digital products can only be accepted back if the software is still sealed completely. A proof of purchase must be submitted. Items made to an individual’s specification cannot be returned. Any posting charges made by the company will be deducted from the refund.

Jessops Online : Product images & screenshots
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